Q. Where is the required investment coming from?

The Western Rail Project needs the backing of Federal and State Governments and recognition that the level of services in our region are inadequate. This project is an enduring investment with a 50-year life-span. The economic benefits align with government focus on supporting business, tourism and communities in regional Australia. The planned safety enhancements that make up a large part of the total investment would need to occur regardless.

Q. How will the project integrate with other forms of transport?

This project seeks a combination of coach and rail services, each complementing the other. This has been determined to be the most cost-effective, reliable and convenient option.

Q. Won’t the duplication of the the Western Highway address the same public transport issues?

Public transport is an essential part of any community, ensuring equitable access to benefits such as employment, education and health for all community members. The Western Highway duplication will primarily benefit safety for travellers and efficiency of freight and logistics. However, the duplication will not provide an access solution for those non-driving members of our communities both within and outside the duplication route.

Q. What factors will influence return of passenger rail?

The findings of The Grampians and Barwon South West Region Passenger Services Cost and Feasibility Study, released in April, 2017, showed there are significant unmet needs for better public transport in our region. It also found that existing services are sub-standard, offering limited access to regional centres. The study, which carefully explored existing services and reviewed social and economic statistics for the region in detail, concluded that the return of passenger rail services to Hamilton and Horsham was warranted. The benefits of passenger rail return from a social, economic and community resilience perspective may go far and beyond the population numbers who have access to its use.

Q. How can I help?

You can help to make Western Rail a reality for our communities. Here’s how.

  • Tell your Local Members why you need passenger rail.
  • Write to the Victorian Premier and Minister for Transport to reaffirm why our region needs and deserves better passenger rail services.
  • Help us spread the word on social media – like and share our posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Tell us your story! What would more passenger rail services mean to you, your family, your business, your community? Email info@westernrail.com.au.

Visit www.westernrail.com.au for a list of contact details for local, state and federal politicians.